Cellulite is a problem that a lot of people face, and in order to deal with this issue many patients are even ready to go through some invasive procedures. Such procedures are actually promising when you keep the results and outcomes under consideration, but nonetheless, these procedures are dangerous. Due to advancement in technologies and more knowledge in the health industry, there are many non-invasive procedures that have emerged and they can be used to remodel the human body. These procedures can also conduct a reduction in fat in some portions of the body, such as waist, thighs, buttocks and others.

Cellulite is basically a term that is used to describe a condition where the skin starts accumulating fat deposits and eventually brings on a lumpy appearance. This condition is common among people after they experience puberty, and if this condition is left untreated, there is a possibility that the fat may accumulate in their bodies. It is possible that people suffering from cellulite would also require some other treatments such as fat reduction or skin tightening, and at the Vital we ensure that appropriate methods are used to reduce the issues faced by the patient.

Following are some of the treatments that we offer to our patients in this domain:


A selected portion of the body is treated with the help of waves in order to eliminate fat cells without damaging the tissues. This is a great method of treatment to deal with those areas of the body where liposuction is not encouraged or suitable.


This treatment deals with the fat by breaking it and scattering it, after which it is transported out of the human body through metabolism.

Dermal Massage:

This treatment stimulates the tissue and helps in bringing skin back to its original shape.

Radiofrequency Technology:

This treatment helps in stimulating fibroblast activity and the overall rejuvenation process.

Cryolipolysis Technology

This treatment is also referred to as fat freezing because fat cells are basically frozen and broken down. The fat content is crystallized, and in a period of around two months these fat cells are excreted from the body through metabolism.


Through this treatment, medicine is delivered to the middle layer of the skin with injections in order to deal with the condition. Mesotherapy injections can help break down fat and improve circulation of blood.

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