Who Are We

Vital Poly Clininc

VITAL Skincare & Aesthetic Clinic is a dedicated full-service medical and cosmetic treatment centre with a mission to help patients achieve healthy, nourished and revitalised skin – so they look and feel radiantly beautiful.

VITAL offers flawless medical and aesthetic solutions for all skin and cosmetic conditions, including surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions, fillers and botox, slimming and body contouring, hair laser removal as well as treatment of all venereal and dermatological conditions.

With the application of scientifically-approved new modalities in cosmetology, VITAL helps patients achieve their personal best – healthier skin, sculpted bodies and increased confidence and vitality irrespective of age or gender, all the while ensuring the highest standards of safety and consideration.

The team of renowned dermatologists, venereologists, beauty consultants and specialists at VITAL are among the world’s best, bringing their local and international expertise to the UAE from across the globe, including the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With their extensive training and experience, VITAL’s doctors provide exemplary care, quality and effectiveness, matched with cutting-edge treatments and technology.

Eight clinics and treatment rooms offering the latest innovations in skin care, weight loss and beauty treatments are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.