Spider Vein Removal

Spider Vein Removal in Abu Dhabi

Spider Vein Removal in Abu Dhabi

Leg Vein Removal

Spider veins and the dilation of small blood vessels (telengectasia) on the surface of the skin are two of the most common bothersome conditions affecting mainly females. Though asymptomatic (showing no evidence of disease) they often cause lack of self-esteem and embarrassment.  At VITAL, we offer a safe, non-aggressive method to treat all areas using advanced laser technology.

Our treatments include:

Vascular laser treatment is most effective for treating the small blood vessels on the face and leg, as laser therapy heats the blood vessel and destroys it.

The various wavelengths pass through the skin targeting the anomalous vascular structures deep beneath and selectively irradiate the haemoglobin, thus minimising any interaction with the melanin in the upper layers.

The versatility of the our systems, where laser energy and pulsed light, spot size, duration and shape of the pulse can be selected to match the “gauge” and “haemodynamics” of the vascular dilatation, combined with the integrated cooling systems, are strategic to achieving targeted thermal damage of the various vascular structures.