Laser Hair Removal for Body Hair

Laser facial and body hair removal is a good solution if you are tired of shaving, waxing and epilation and are looking for a permanent, effective hair removal solution. During laser hair removal, the main effect comes from the laser beam passing through the skin and being absorbed by the hair shaft. The heat produced by the laser causes damage to the individual hair follicle, resulting in less hair that is finer and possibly even lighter. The degree of hair reduction depends on the number of treatments.

VITAL has the most advanced laser technology available worldwide, including lasers with the largest spot size (so you can treat more hair faster) to suit all types of skin and all areas of the body. Our cutting-edge lasers also come equipped with extremely efficient cooling systems to make your session painless and comfortable. VITAL has also introduced two new hair lasers in order to be more flexible and to allow faster turnaround for laser hair appointments.


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