Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatment Abu Dhabi

Hair loss treatment in Abu Dhabi

Hair Loss Treatment (Hair Regrowth)

The major cause for hair loss or baldness in both men and women is the testosterone hormone ; it is a direct result of the hair follicles responding to male hormones. However it due to the follicles being more responsive to the hormones that this occurs, rather than their being too much testosterone.

Dihydrotestostrone (DHT) causes male hair loss and baldness by shortening the growth, phase of the hair cycle, causing miniaturization (decreased size) of the follicles, and producing progressively shorter, finer hairs. Eventually these hairs totally disappear. Some hair follicles are especially sensitive to DHT and they shrink, this is more likely to happen to follicles on top and front of the head.

Alopecia, the loss of hair, affects both men and women. The other problem that people face is Alopecia which results from poor circulation, nutritional imbalances and the excess of a hormone known as DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

Our treatments include:

  • Mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy can correct these problems, stimulating the body to naturally grow lost hair through injecting specified drugs to the problem area directly

  • Low Level Laser Therapy

Through a laser helmet that is composed of tightly embedded lasers and vibration motor. It stimulates the scalp and hair follicle. The tightly embedded laser terminals contacts the scalp directly and helps lasers to be absorbed effectively so that laser can be penetrated deeply into the dermis to improve blood flow and lymphatic flow of capillary. This technology which prevents hair loss and improves hair growth has no pain and side effect because it makes the best used of LLLT(Low Level Laser Therapy) acknowledged by FDA.